Vinyl Player Review

Vinyl Player review

Its Back!!!

Thought to be doomed by the digital age, vinyl is well and truly on the ascendancy once again. With sales skyrocketing towards the heady heights of its heyday, now is really the time to get into vinyl records

With so many different options available for the consumer, it can be very hard for the beginner to decide what features and specifications they need, but here at vinyl player review we try and make those decisions a little easier, by clearly explaining each turntables good points and bad points and giving our own rating to each product.

Our goal at Vinyl Player Review is to make sure that our readers are fully up to-date with all the latest trends and gadgets in the world of turntables and vinyl players. We will have product reviews from all the top brands and something to fit any budget. If you have any requests for a review, then please leave a comment below and we will try and help.

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