Vampire Weekend Vinyl Records

Vampire Weekend Vinyl

Vampire Weekend are a rock band from the USA, who formed in New York city in 2006. They are signed to the  XL Recordings music label. The band released their debut record, the self titles “Vampire Weekend” in 2008, which received glowing reviews from music critics and generated lifelong fans for the band. Since their first album, Vampire Weekend have released two other vinyl albums. 2010s “Contra” and 2013s “Modern Vampires of the City”. The latter won the band a Grammy award for best alternative album of 2014. Vampire Weekend are one of my personal favourite bands and i love the way that they fuse all different sounds and genres together.

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Band Members

  • Ezra Koennig
  • Rostam Batmanglij
  • Chris Tomson
  • Chris Baio

Vinyl Records

Vampire Weekend 2008

Vampire Weekend vinyl albums

One of the first things that hits you when listing to Vampire Weekend is the sheer diversity of influences the band has drawn on. Their music has elements of African, Caribbean, rock, pop and everything in-between. This variety of influences makes for a really fresh and interesting sound, that puts the bands first album as a must buy vinyl record.

The first single released was “Mansard Roof”, which was then followed by “A-Punk”. These two singles fully sum up the bands unique sound. Most of the songs are short snappy pop/rock songs, that will have you tapping your foot and singing the words for weeks to come. This album was ranked at #5 by Time on its list of best albums of 2008, and 51st on Pitchfork‘s list of best albums of the whole 2000s

A perfect album to listen to at a party, every song will have people dancing and singing along. A must have vinyl record to add to any collection.

Vampire weekend vinyl

Contra 2010

Vampire Weekend vinyl albums contra

In 2010 the band released their second album “Contra“, it went straight in at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and had positive reviews by the majority of critics. In my opinion Contra isn’t as good as the debut album, but it still has moments of greatness and its well worth a listen. Lots of the rhythms and beats are based around African heritage, and this comes as a fresh reminder of how far vampire weekend have come since their debut collage rock album.

The debut record came out from nowhere, like a bolt from the blue so to speak, it had intelligence and unique songs and i think Contra suffered a little because of this, people were expecting more of the same. Most bands seem to struggle making a follow up to a very successful first record. Contra is by no means a flop and there is something to take away from this album and it shows the band maturing and growing.

Vampire weekend vinyl

Modern Vampires of the City 2013

Vampire Weekend vinyl modern vampires of the city

Modern Vampires of the City was the bands third album, released in 2013.  The idea was to distance themselves from the sound of the last two albums and bring some freshness into their sound. The result was their best album to date, with experimental sounds and a variety of different and new song ideas.  The cover art was a picture by Neal Boenzi of New York city in 1966 on its smoggiest ever day.

The album went straight in at #1 on the Billboard 200 the same as Contra. Many publications and end of year list had Modern Vampires of the city as the best album of the year and most had it in their top 10 list if not.

This is personally my favourite vampire weekend vinyl album. From the first song “Obvious Bicycle” to the very last “Young Lion” its a real tour de force of uniqueness and quality songwriting. We can’t wait to hear what they bring out next.

Vampire weekend vinyl

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