Sony PSLX300USB Review

How good is the Sony PSLX300USB

sony PSLX300USB review


sony PSLX300USB review

The first thing that hits you about the Sony’s PSLX300USB turntable is just how small and minimalistic it is. Everything is stripped back on this player and its features are few and far between. The only added extra you get is a handy USB port. The main draw of this player is the option to digitalise your old records, which il go more into in the features.

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Features of the PSLX300

The PSLX300 is capable of playing 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, its fully automatic and has a built in PHONO preamp. It is a belt driven player and when your setting it up you will need to attach this (its very easy).

The real draw of this turntable is the fact that it comes with a USB port. This allows you to transfer your old vinyl records to a digital format. The software that is provided is the Sony Sound Forge Studio, this interface is where your transfer your music. I haven’t used much of this software before, as most turntable companies use the Audacity software, which is pretty good. You can use which ever software you find easiest/best. I didn’t like the Sony version as much as audacity, but you should try both out and see whats best for your needs. There is a nice audio cleaning feature on the software, that allows you to clean the clicks and pops of the record.

If you are more interested in using this player for other reasons then it does lose a little of its charm and appeal. you may be better off buying a dedicated turntable with better audio capabilities. There is a RCA stereo output for direct connection to a amplifier and sound pslx300usb review

The Sony PSLX300USB feels rather flimsy and dare i say it cheap. Most of the unit is made from plastic .The dust cover is a little the thin side and scratches are likely.

The stylus used on this player is a N-6516 model number, it can be easily upgraded,the needle is a conical diamond tipped. The settings switches on the front of the player are for speed and size adjustment.

Sound Quality

Unlike most other entry level turntables which have built in speakers this turntable requires external speakers to work. But an added bonus is that it already has a built in preamp, this is one less thing to purchase if you are new or a beginner to vinyl.

Obviously when talking about sound quality on this player, it depends greatly what speakers you’ll use. If you connect these to an average pair of speakers like the Sony SS-B1000 the sound quality is pretty good. Its much better than any built in speaker system that players like the Crosley company have.

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Pros of the PSLX300

Pros of the sony pslx300 USB Port

Pros of the sony pslx300 Reasonable price

Pros of the sony pslx300 Easy to Use

Pros of the sony pslx300 Built in Preamp

Cons of the PSLX300 

Cons Pros of the sony pslx300 Feels cheaply made

Cons Pros of the sony pslx300 Complicated software

Cons Pros of the sony pslx300 Complicated instruction manual


The Sony PSLX300 is a record player thats compact and lightweight. Its made by one of the heavyweights of the electronic world, so you know that it will have some quality features. But its in its features (or lack of) that the PSLX falls short.

If you are buying this player for its sound quality and features, then your probably better off looking elsewhere (maybe one of the Audio Technica’s) but if your looking for an affordable turntable that offers both ease of use and the option of digitalising your old records, then this really could be the vinyl record player for you.

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  1. Sony should be embarrassed to have their name on this junk of a turntable. Tonearm alignment is completely wrong. Arm is weight far too high for the cartridge supplied. Yuk

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