Pioneer PLX 1000 Review

Pioneer plx 1000 Review

pioneer plx 1000 lowers price

Its a shame that most vinyl enthusiasts have never tried or owned a direct drive turntable. The majority of the record player market is belt driven items. Belt drive players mechanically isolate the motor from the platter, so any rumble or noise that the motor might make will not be transmitted through the spinning platter and record to the stylus.

The opposite of the belt driven player is the high torque, direct drive turntables that DJs use for scratching and for a fast start up. But the advantage of direct drive turntables are of little use to a home listening audiophile. But things are beginning to change, over the last few years direct drive players have become more popular within the home listening audiophile market. We have a review of the Pioneer PLX 1000 one of the best direct drive turntables for around $1000.

Features of the PLX 1000 Turntable 

When you first take the PLX-1000 out of its box the first thing thats noticeable is the sheer size of the player. The product has a stereo RCA phono output jack and an AC power connection at the back. The thing to remember with the PLX-1000 is that its a manual record player, meaning that you have to get more hands on than some other players. You manually life the the arm from its rest, place it over the LP’s grooves and then manually lower the phono cartridge’s stylus on to the LP’s grooves. This can be a pain for some people, but i believe this is part and parcel of a great vinyl experience.

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Initially the Pioneer PLX1000 needs to be set up and its fairly straight forward. There is a user manual that is very easy to follow. You will need to mount a delicate phono cartridge on the turntable’s head shell and then the rest is a piece of cake. The sockets are set far into the body, this allows the user to use right angle plugs to comfortably use the decks within a battle style mix. Although the downside here is that it can be fiddly to access them if you change your set up on a regular basis.

pioneer plx 1000 review

The PLX-1000 plays 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, its installed with a tempo/speed fader control (which is more for the DJ market) with a range of +/- 50 %.  This turntable does not come with a built in preamp so you will need to purchase of these if you don’t have one already. I can recommend the Mani preamp, which i use regularly.

The signal path on this player is pure analogue. It has no line level preamp built in, the audio signal is fed directly from the contacts into the tonearm through to the RCA jacks which is situated under the body. There’s even a ground wire. This is all very traditional with quality record players, and this makes for a great sound with real vinyl, and the right cartridge mounted.

This record player has a LED at the front, which scans the LP’s grooves, this allowed the user to cue each record in a dark room and still be able to see what he’s/her’s doing.

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There is only one start/stop button, which is unusual for a player that is used a lot in DJing. Instead of the second switch there is a hole where the adaptor for the 45 RPM records goes.

Tone Arm

pioneer plx tone arm

The tone arm in the PLX-1000 is excellent. The design is almost identical to technics 1200 (which so many people are fans of). The isolating material which is inside the tone arm, and the large amount of isolation in the base, makes a lovely feel and great playability.

Pioneer PLX-1000 review

Coming back to Technics much loved 1200 turntable, its hard not to see the similarities with the Pioneer PLX 1000. Much of this player is taken from the 1200. The platter for instance is sunk into the body like the 1200. And the tonearm base is almost identical.

The similarities are not a bad thing at all. The SL-1200 has been discontinued and can only be found in second hand stores and on eBay.

Specifications of the PLX-1000

Power 240V mains
Start Time 33 1/3 RPM in 0.3 seconds
Torque 4.5kg/cm
Tone Arm Shape S-shaped tone arm
RPM Speeds 33 1/3RPM & 45RPM
Tempo Control Options +/- 8%, 16%, 50%
Accessories Stereo RCA (gold plated), 2 x power cables, 1 x ground wire (all detacheable), rubber mat, slip mat, head shell, shell weight, tone arm weight.
Dimensions (cms) 46x16x36
Weight (kgs) 13.1

Whats included

  • Headshell
  • Dust Cover
  • Slip Mat
  • Balance Weight
  • Shell Weight
  • 45 Adaptor
  • Power and Audio cords
  • Ground Wire

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Who is this deck for?

This turntable feels like it is aimed at DJs and venue owners who a are looking to buy new equipment instead of second hand items. They will have confidence with warranty and customer support from a brand they trust and know. With the PLX by Pioneer they know they are getting a quality player that will give them everything they need and desire in a record player.

Pros of the Pioneer PLX-1000

Pros of the pioneer plx 1000 Design quality is excellent

Pros of the pioneer plx 1000 Similar Design and features to technics 1200

Pros of the pioneer plx 1000 Looks Great

Pros of the pioneer plx 1000 Great Brand


Cons of the Pioneer PLX-1000

Cons of the pioneer plc 1000 Can get similar features for a cheaper priced player.

Cons of the pioneer plc 1000 Expensive

Cons of the pioneer plc 1000 Too similar to the 1200


The Pioneer PLX-1000 is a clear take on what the turntable market needs. They have created their own take on technics 1200 and made some features even better. The PLX is a little expensive. You can get hold of a Reloop RP-8000 for around $150 cheaper. The most important thing for the pioneer company is that they know they are a reputable brand and know that people who want what the 1200 had, will pay the money for this great vinyl player.

An ideal turntable for anyone looking to DJ or who owns a live venue and wants to get some equipment for the place.


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