Jensen JTA-230 Review

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers

Vinyl records are well and truly back. Thought to be doomed by the digital age in the 90s and early 00’s it has come straight out of the ashes like a ressurected phoenix from the flames.Jensen JTA 230 REVIEW

But before you go and dust down your dad’s old Beatle’s records you’re going to need a turntable to play them on. Back in the digital boom, most households started throwing out their vinyl record players and turntables and bought CD players and the doomed minidisc systems.

The Jensen JTA 230 is a 3 speed stereo turntable that caters for the beginner or enter level music connoisseur. It offers everything an ordinary player should have. The belt-driven, 3 speed turntable has many different features: Which include. Pitch, volume and tone control. It also has a stereo spacer system, a headphone jack and also has a dust cover.

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Stylus and Cartridge

With vinyl players that tend to cater towards the lower end of the price market, the Jensen JTA 230 has a ceramic cartridge. The cheaper turntables use a ceramic cartridge because they are resistant, robust and much less expensive than magnetic ones. Because these players are made from cheaper material they can be more sensitive to vibrations. The reasons they are fitted with a ceramic pickup is because they are less sensitive to external noise which can be heard through the speakers. The big drawback of ceramic cartridges is that the stylus is much more susceptible to go out of the groove at low frequencies. This can allow the stylus to skip during playback of sounds which have large bass and sudden volume increases.

The Jensen JTA-230 stylus is able to play 33⅓ and 45 RPM records only. The radius of the tip is 0.7 MIL and is made from diamond. If you want to play 78 RPM records then you will need to purchase a stylus chichi has a tip of 3 MIL, this is because the grooves are much deeper in 78 RPM records.

With moderate use of this stylus, it should last approximately 250 hours, but if you are planning on using this player a lot it may be an idea to get a spare stylus, they only cost around $5/6.

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Input and Output’s

This Jensen JTA 230 is a self-contained player. this means that you don’t have to purchase any external amplifier, preamplifier or speakers for it to function. The player has two stereo speakers built in either side. This payer is also great because you can connect other devices like your iPod or MP3 player through an auxiliary input jack. By connecting your MP3 device to AUX input, then you can play your music through the inbuilt speakers of the turntable. But you can’t play the turntable and the MP3 at the same time just in-case you were thinking of sampling some tracks over each other, to use the vinyl player you will have to unplug all cords from the AUX input plug.

This vinyl player has left and right RCA line-out jacks, a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack and a USB port for converting your vinyl records to digital format with your computer.

If you have purchased this turntable or are thinking about purchasing it then more than likely you will be interested in transferring your vinyl music to your computer through this device. The USB port thats built in does in very handy and it also has a USB cable which is provided. It is very easy to set up and most computers will recognise the device that is connected. Usually it will say USB audio controller.

The software that is used to convert the music is called Audacity. Many people have complained on forums and websites that its complicated and hard to use. But as with all software it has a small learning curve and once you get your head around that, it becomes very easy to navigate. Audacity is a free open source software, for transference of music from vinyl to MP3. It can be downloaded through the links above or by visiting their website. The software works on windows, Mac and Linux. It is a great piece of software which i use a lot and can’t advocate enough.

Platter, tonearm and Motor.

This turntable is almost all manual. It has an auto-stop feature which makes the platter stop spinning when the needle gets to the end of the record but it won’t automatically return the arm to its rest. The tonearm is made from plastic and it doesn’t have a lever to lift the tonearm, which means you will have to lift it manually back to its place. This may be inconvenient for somebody and can be a pain if you don’t have a steady arm. The motor is responsible for spinning the platter. For vinyl players this is achieved 1 of 2 ways. Belt drive or direct drive. Direct drive is used when the platter is attached directly to the shaft of the motor and in contrast a belt driven platter is connected by a belt usually made from elastic or rubber. Direct drive players are more common with DJs. 

The Jensen JTA 230 has a belt driven platter and the motor can play vinyl with speeds of  33⅓ , 45 and 78 RPMs.

This turntable also has a pitch control lever. This is because the cheaper priced players are not as accurate and may need the control knob to put slight adjustments to the rotation speed. The platter is smaller than some other players which makes an LP stick out of the turntable. The dust cover is cut away so you can close it while the player is operating. 

Sound Quality of the Jensen JTA-230

The built in speakers have a pretty good sound quality but they do not go very loud. This is probably meant to avoid feedback coming from the speakers to the stylus and to avoid skipping. The sound does not get distorted when turning the volume all the way up, which is pretty good. The sound going out to external outputs, including the USB port, lacks in low frequencies. This could be improved with some equalization. You can also improve the sound quality by connecting the record player to an external receiver or speaker system. The effect produced by the tone control is very subtle.

The biggest factor that effects sound quality is the quality of the vinyl which is being played. These days vinyl is being released in 180-200 grams, which produces much better quality os sound.

This turntable can play 180 gram records. But you will have to adjust the height of the tonearm or vertical tracking angle, since the record is thicker. Ideally the tonearm should be parallel to the record during playback.  

Sound quality is something that is very subjective. but i believe this is a good sound player for the money spent. And would recommend it.

Jensen JTA 230 Controls


Jensen jta 230 review

Jensen JTA-230 Body and Look

The player is made mainly of plastic, its quite small and compact and very light. But does have a flimsy feel and cheap look. Comes with a dust cover that is cut away at the sides so that the vinyl record can play while the cover is closed. Rubber non-skid feet are placed on the bottom to stop movement and shakes during playback.

Pros of the Jensen JTA-230

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Inexpensive

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Compact in size

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Easy to operate

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Music transferring software

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Built in USB port

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Great Starter vinyl player.

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Changeable stylus cartridge.

Pros of the Jensen JTA 230 Pretty good sound for the price.

Cons of the Jensen JTA-230

Cons of the jensen JTA 230 No automatic start- stop

Cons of the jensen JTA 230 No counterweight

Cons of the jensen JTA 230 Cant be upgraded easily

Cons of the jensen JTA 230 No lever to lift tonearm


The Jensen JTA-230 is a very affordable vinyl player, that would be ideal for starter audiophiles. If you don’t mind not having high-fidelity sound then this might be the player for you, also great for transferring music to your computer. It is very easy to use and doesn’t need any set up, its basically ready to go. I would recommend this player.

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