5 Best DJ Turntables to buy

The thought of becoming a DJ is an appealing prospect for many, and the idea is very popular these days. But beginning a fledgling disk jockey career can be hard to get started. The most important aspect of any DJ’s arsenal is his/her decks or turntables.

We have searched far and wide to bring you what we believe to be the 5 best turntables for DJing in 2015. We have models from stanton Numark and Vestax on the list and many other brands.

When we think about DJ ing one brand seems to stand out a little more than the others and that is the always fabulous Technics company. When the 1200 and 1210 models were discontinued in 2010 the vinyl record world seemed to all cry out in pain. But the second hand trade in theses models is very healthy indeed, ebay and other sites have plenty on offer and spare parts are all over the internet. Although the Technics brand still has a great deal of respect and admirers in the turntable world, there is a lot of new and exciting brands on the market that do things just as well as those classic desks do. We have listed some of the newer brands in our top turntable list, some might surprise you.

Model Price Best FeatureRating More
Model Price Best FeatureRating More
Numark TTX $489.99 Well made and sturdy

Reloop RP-7000 $599.99Changing from line and phono

Audio Technica AT-LP1240 $385.37All round quality

Stanton ST-150 $539.99Super High Torque

Vestax PDX-3000MKII $899.99Motor power

Numark TTX Turntable

nUMARK TTX review

Numark TTX USB DJ Turntable review

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB review

The Numark TTX is a turntable with a long line of models behind it. This model has some updated features and they have fixed some teething problems that the old models had. The first feature that has been updated is the motor, and this now has an impressive 4.7 Kg of torque and allows solid reverse playback without cutting out.

The Numark Vinyl player company have been in the business for many years and when it comes to DJing turntable design they are right on point. Like most other brands they are left in the wake of the Technics 1200 model. But saying that Numark have managed to carve out a niche of their own and break some new ground with this TTX model.

Features of the Numark TTX

Features include a pitch fader options, adjustable torque setting switch, a stylus illumination (nifty for the late night raves), quartz lock and dual start-stop switches for different configurations. As the name suggests the Numark TTX also has a built in USB port which is found at the back of the player, this allows easy connection to your computer and/or PC. With this USB port you also can digitalise your records which is very handy to have. A large backlit (blue) display that gives you direct visual feedback on settings such as RPM, pitch, torque settings and BPM. This player has also a built in signal processor which has a switchable phono and LINE level, which gives you the added option of locking the key of your music while you play with the tempo, this feature is only available in LINE mode though. The TTX USB also has a interchangeable arm, giving the user the option of the S-tone arm or a straight tone arm, with all of the anti-skating, height and counterbalance controls that you would expect from a quality DJ decks.


The Numark TTX USB is a good set of DJing decks and it has a set of impressive features. The price is of a reasonable rate and it also comes with a 45 adaptor and a dustcover.


Reloop RP-7000 Quartz Driven DJ Turntable  Reloop RP-7000 review

Reloop RP-7000 review


The Reloop RP-7000 is the solution for all vinyl DJ’s and DVS users who are in search of a professional high-torque, club-standard turntable which has very strong motor and a strong exterior and sturdy make up. With its cool exterior and metallic finish this turntable will surely be the star at the club.

Features of the Reloop RP-7000

The player features both LINE and PHONO level and can be easily switched between the two, which allows the user to connect the player straight into the inputs on mixers or amplifiers. The RP-7000 also offers direct drive and improved speed with a digital correction. This allows the platter to spin at a constant speed and hence gives more control and better playback is offered.

The Pitch Fader switch has extra pitch width control, which allows the user the option to alternate between +/- 8%, 16% or 50% pitch range. It has shockproof feet on each corner of the underside and has a very attractive finish.

At the left top and bottom corners the turntable is fitted with a dual start/stop button, which is ideal for vertical play or club configuration. Like most contemporary vinyl players the Reloop RP-7000 has removable connection cables, allowing easy access to servicing and to move around. The player is fitted with the S shaped tone arm, which allows cartridges of between 3.5-8.5g and has all the anti skate, hight adjustment and counterbalance control that you would expect from a player of this quality. One of the main things thats missing from this set of DJ decks is a USB connection.

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The RP 7000 from Reloop is great turntable for any kind of DJing. Costing in the region of $599 and coming with pretty much everything you would expect (apart from the USB connection) that a modern vinyl player would have. A great buy for someone who isn’t looking to digitalise their collection but just wants to play live. The player doesn’t include many added extras, like MIDI compatibility. But for a mid range/affordable player this is a top buy.

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Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB DJ Turntable   

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB review

Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable review

If we take a look at the more expensive end of the turntable market, it brings us to the Audio Technica AT LP1240 USB decks. This player is a cousin of the pre mentioned Technics 1200 and has many of the features and looks of that player. The LP1240 DJ decks is a very versatile player, it has two start/stop buttons located on each left corner which is ideal for anyone DJing or using the battle style configurations.The sturdy pitch fader has a central light, with also a quartz lock enable/disable button.

This vinyl turntable allows the possibility of pitch changes between 10%, 20% or 50%, and in addition the start/stop speeds are adjustable. The stylus is removable which allows upgrade or to change a broken one, which is great as in some cheaper turntables this isn’t possible.

All of the ports on the rear allow for complete disconnection, including the two RCA audio connections and the power cable connection. If you are serious vinyl collector, battle style DJ or a discerning club style DJ (or a bit of all of these) then the AT LP1240 is flexible – and sturdy – enough for all your needs.

Features of the Audio Technica AT LP1240 USB

This vinyl player will allow you to play records at 45, 33 1/3 and 78 RPM. It comes with a built in preamp and a USB port for easy access to digitalise your record collection. This is achieved with the music software AUDACITY. The player comes with a CD which has a rather steep learning curve, and takes a while to be able to navigate the software. But most players these days use Audacity and once you learned the ins and outs it becomes fairly easy. The AT LP 1240 USB turntable does come with some added extras: a 45 adaptor, a well built dust cover that can encapsulate the whole player, a slip mat and a head shell. But a cartridge is not included. The tone arm is an S shaped design, allowing better tracking force, and to get the best tracking situation there is an adjustable counter weight and an anti skate feature. All the connection ports at the back allow complete disconnection, including the RCA connections and the main power cable.

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If you are serious about high fidelity sound and interested in battle style DJing or club style live DJing then the AT LP1240 could be for you. Its versatile and flexible in its uses but doesn’t get lost on what it is. It will cover most of your needs. And with the added bonus of a USB port its easy to convert your old vinyl records to a  digitalised format.


Stanton ST-150 Turntable

stanton st-150 review

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Features of the Stanton ST-150

As we have already mentions the Stanton ST-150 has am S-shaped tone arm and a adjustable height feature with anti skate and counter weight balance. There is a detachable headshell and the best part is that they provide one of their own cartridges (680HP) so no need to go out and but a new one. Also included in the box is a Stanton slip mat and L shaped RCA cables which allow connection to your mixer. Transportation is easy because all connecting cables are detachable. Dual start-stop switches for battle configurations, a sturdy pitch fader with quartz lock, adjustable start-stop speeds, 33 1/3, 45 and 78RPM, adjustable pitch width and reverse play are among the more standard features found on the ST150. A nice added feature is a digital output that allows users to plug straight into their computers soundcard using the S/PDIF type connections. When you transfer your audio to a digital format you will get CD quality clearness.


The stanton ST-150 is a professional turntable and will satisfy any DJ or turntablist looking for a top quality machine that will improve their all round skills. This is one of the best DJ decks on the market it exudes high quality features and a great build quality.


Vestax PDX-3000MKII Turntable 

Vestax PDX-3000MKII review

Vestax PDX-3000MKII review

Over the years the Vestax company have built a steady but loyal fan base with their affordable and well made DJ mixers and of course their excellent vinyl turntables. The PDX3000 MKII is a direct drive motor turntable which means that directly from hitting the start switch the platter races to 33 1/3 RPM. The platter is then kept at a constant speed with the 32 Bit CPU digital control.

As with many modern record players, the deck itself is connected to the DJ mixer by the two RCA cables. The RCA connections can be completely disconnected from the device for easy of movement and cleaning.

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Features of the Vestax PDX 3000 MKII

Including the impressive direct drive motor speed the 3000 MKII by Vestax has many other great features. A straight tone arm, which suits the stylus very well, with a lower tracking force needle pressure of between 0-7g. The straight tone arm also has an anti skip and a balance adjustment control and a height adjustment range of almost 9mm. In addition there is a horizontal wide pitch control fader swich that helps the user to decide the width of the vertical pitch parameters.

A great feature that this vestal DJ decks has is the MIDI connection port which is found next to the power and the audio socket. There is an option to connect the MIDI keyboard to the player and then to be able to control the pitch of the turntable by using the different keys on the keyboard. A reverse playback feature, quartz lock along with a start/stop speed control switch are also key features on this top quality DJ turntable.


A DJ turntable that looks the part but feels a little flimsy. The sound quality is great even for the straight tone arm design. With great variable torque, ultra pitch and MIDI push this player towards the better vinyl players. The value for money is decent coming in at the mid range of our list of the 5 best DJ turntables to buy this year.

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